Happy Friday, all. Here are your weekly round-up of shrooms in the news!

1) Mushroom eats a violin

Wanna see something cool? Click on the music video above and watch a reishi mushroom eat a violin over the course of a year. With some great music by composer Sven Helbig! Article

2) Mushrooms in the Wild West

Casper, Wyoming is seeing mushrooms due to a dude from the Northwest (i.e. mushroom country) cowboying it out in the west.

From the article: ‘“The grocery stores all had this kind of week-old white button and some sad shiitakes,” Ben Fortier said. “So I started growing mushrooms on my own to meet the household needs for our cooking, and started selling some of our mushrooms every week on Facebook and [at] farmers markets.”’

His business, Fungus Among Us, is booming to the point where he does it full-time. Hey, kind of like us (check out our store)

3) MycoWorks makes more waves

MycoWorks bag for Hermes (img: MycoWorks)

Remember when he reported on MycoWorks leather (here and here). Well, here they are again in this article – completing a $125 million Series C funding round. Big money in mushrooms, now.

4) Is legalization coming to Washington?

All those studies that we report on about psychedelics being good for depression, PTSD, etc are bearing fruit in the United States and what better state to start in then Washington.

What makes this article significant is it isn’t in Mother Hippy News or Mushroom Psychedelic Times or something—it’s THE SEATTLE TIMES. You see, friends, it’s only a matter of time before psilocybin are universally respected for there many benefits and legalization becomes a way of life.

5) Oh shit! Fire!

The largest grower of organic mushrooms in the world experienced a massive fire last Sunday. The Canadian company had a fire the size of “two ice arenas” (lol, of course that would be the analogy coming from up north).

At this point, they don’t know how the fire will affect mushroom production. And it will be telling on how capitalistic the mushroom industry is getting to when we find out.

Luckily, everyone is okay.

See you next week. Enjoy your weekend!