Mushroom Videos on Youtube

For fun, we decided to gather the top 5 mushroom videos of all time in one post. Full disclosure: we decided to search “shrooms” instead of mushrooms. When searching mushrooms, a bunch of videos of some spicy mushrooms and Mario things came up.  Not that interesting. Searching shrooms got better results.


Number 5: Shrooms: a trip experience

5.3 million views

This video kind of looks like a high school project visualizing what hallucinating on shrooms is like. The music is of equal caliber.

A voice from the comments describe it well: “I too have random stupid pop ups in my vision that were found on google images when I eat shrooms.”

Number 4: Shrooms | Goat Simulator — Part 11

5.4 million views

If you want to feel even more like an alien who is not capable of understanding human video game behavior, try watching this guy. An Irish (maybe) guy curses and yells random things at video game sims while doing a variety of ridiculous things.

Number 3: Family Guy | S10E02 – Brian On Mushrooms

7 million views

The always hilarious Family Guy has the anthropomorphic dog, Brian, take shrooms. It is funny, unrealistic, and ridiculous. Of course, know-it-alls in the comments have to let you know how unrealistic it is:

“Okay all I can say is when Brian goes into his world and start saying bad stuff that does not happen at all on psychedelics you’re still in reality you’re just seeing stuff. you might see bad stuff but at the same time you’re still aware of your surroundings. Whoever wrote this has never taken psychedelics in their life.”

Number 2: Woodie Smalls – Planet Shrooms (Official Video)

8.7 million views

Belgian Rapper Woodie Smalls (not related to Biggie Smalls, btw) makes a relatively accurate trip of a music video. Unexplained phenomena, without getting too weird or obvious, highlight the video from the semi-famous rapper. Above the borderline racist comments, sits the cute:

“how many shrooms would woodie do if woodie could do shrooms?”

Number 1: Your Brain On Shrooms

9.4 million views

Seriously. Who doesn’t enjoy a science video with quick narration illustrated through clear marker drawings? I could watch this stuff all day. This is an easy to follow, useful look at what happens to your brain on shrooms.  Definitely check it out.  The comments are endearing, too:

me as a kid : it’s ok mum i’m never doing drugs !

me now: eh i probably won’t try meth”

Hope you enjoyed the videos as much as we did. Check out our store to get your mushroom spores on!