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Mushroom News Weekly Round-Up: January 14th, 2022

Happy Friday, everyone. We hope you are staying safe and healthy during this dark January. If you want to brighten it up a little, head over to our shop for all the goodies.

Here’s your top 5 mushroom stories!

1) Lookin’ Good, Virginia!

What does Virgina EVER make the news for? I mean, D.C. isn’t even technically in the US so that doesn’t count. I guess Charlottesville a few years ago? If you are from Virginia, don’t worry – we aren’t picking on you, just recognizing one of our own (Illinois natives, here).

Anyhoo, this is some news on Virginia worth sharing: Virginia is the newest state to propose decriminalizing psychedelic mushrooms. Check it out.

The Haunting of Hill House: one of many horror stories that use mushrooms as a symbol.

2) Oh the horror! Mushrooms in scary movies.

This article is fun because it explores why we often use mushrooms as a symbol in horror movies and stories. In talking about the Netflix show The Haunting of Hill House: “s in much of the gothic genre, the house itself is rotten. Something decomposes, deep at its core is darkness and damp. Only mushrooms can grow from that. Mushrooms are signifiers of the deep rot at the center of these places. And fungi can grow anywhere, can spread — can infect, like the darkness of Hill House can.”

For more examples and interesting insight, head over to book riot.

3) Mushrooms and Guns

It’s always weird to see mushrooms mixed up with guns and hardcore drug paraphernalia. Like, most mushroom folks just want to enjoy life a little, ya know?

But here we go again: if you wanna see some pictures of what NOT to do, it’s grow mushrooms in Palm Beach, Florida surrounded by guns and amphetamines. That’s a no-no .

Reminder: our spores are for research only!

Weed may help boost immunity against Covid

4) Vaccines? nah. Weed? yes, please!

A new study finds that cannabis has the potential to give higher immunity against Covid-19.

Wait, what? Was this research done by a bunch of dudes in the basement watching Futurama? Turns out, probably not that far from the truth. The study was conducted by researchers at Oregon State’s Global Hemp Innovation Center – and YOU KNOW the folks that work there: superheroes without capes.

It’s fascinating. The miracle that weed smokers have been “toking” about for decades has some fruition now that it’s legal.

It’s only a matter of time before Psilocybin is in the same boat. Mark our words!

5) Hey mushrooms! Big Business is gonna take care of ya!

To be honest, there’s a lot I don’t understand in this article. But for those of you that are concerned about how everything cool eventually turns really lame because the American machine just doesn’t f-ing stop ever, then this is the article for you. It’s about businesses trying to get rich on mushrooms. And make sure others don’t. Read it!

Seems like they might need to do a little more than micro-dosing to get their head out of their own asses.


See ya next week!

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Mushroom News Weekly Round-Up: January 7th

We hope everyone had a great first week of 2022. Stop by our shop to fulfill your resolution early (we know you resolved to pick up some spores ;))

Here’s this weeks top mushroom news.

Want to hear some literal mushroom music?? Yes, you do.

Mushroom Music

You may think I’m talking about the Grateful Dead or something, but no. No. This is literal. Mushrooms MAKING music. This dude, MycoLoco, uses bioelectricity and the Earth’s natural resonance to make some crazy synth music. And, by crazy, I mean awesome. check it out.

No Side Effects with Magic Mushroom Microdosing for PTSD

I’m a natural skeptic when someone says “NO side effects.” Like, okay Mr. Snake Oil Guy. But for many of us in the mushroom field, we’ve been reading (and experiencing) the benefits of psilocybin in the world in treating depression, ptsd, etc. And how much better it is than traditional western medicine techniques. And this is yet another story that shows that scientifically out of London.

Eat Mushrooms. Be Happy.

Doesn’t have to be Magic Mushrooms, though.

Scientists are finding that eating any kind of mushrooms on a regular basis helps lower depression risk. This article goes through some of the possibilities on why mushrooms are beneficial to our mental health. So get cookin’ and get eatin’!

The New Electric Mercedes Benz (img courtesy of Mercedes Benz)

Mercedes Mushrooms

Let’s face it: we are going electric. And Mercedes has a concept electric car that looks as badass as any Mercedes, except instead of leather, the seats are made from mushroom fibers. Not only that, the whole interior doesn’t use any animal products: bamboo floors, plastics made from trash, etc. Did we mention it looks incredible?

Mushroom Coffee

Not really. But it’s not just coffee. There is a magic ingredient. But not the magic like we mushroom nerds think about. No, we are talking about lion’s mane, chaga, and other medicinal mushrooms. This coffee shop in Seattle sells coffee with mushrooms in it to give added health benefits. Like brain function, focus, sleep, and immune function. If you find yourself in Seattle, make sure to check out Wunderground Coffee 

See you next week!

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Mushroom News Weekly Round-Up – December 31st

Happy New Years! We hope your new year is filled with happiness and plenty of spores (from us ;) Here is your weekly news round-up.

Mushroom Heads (courtesy of Xiaojing Yahn)

It is Art.

Want to see some amazing art? And you don’t even need to mess with psilocybins to see it! Here is an article on how artists use mushrooms to illustrate different concepts. Like the effect of fossil fuels, death and decay, and contemplating the circle of life. Essentially: art for the end of the world. Check it out here.

Speaking of death…. Don’t go to San Francisco

Death Cap mushroom (attr: Archenzo)

Actually you can go to San Fran if you want. Just don’t go mushroom hunting unless you know what you are doing. Because of heavy rains, death cap and destroying angel mushrooms are beginning to fruit and spread in local parks. These mushrooms are some of the world’s most deadly to humans and to pets. So…. be careful! Check out the article here.

Lion’s Mane and Lobster

In The Know TikTok channel shares her experience with lion’s mane mushrooms and if it can replace fish. She starts by being disgusted and then cooks it and tries it. And—shocked—she ends up really liking it and promotes it as a viable alternative to fish sandwiches, lobster rolls, etc.. Here it is on Yahoo News

The super expensive Matsutake Mushroom (img: Tomomarusan)

Most Expensive Mushrooms

India News shares the five most expensive mushrooms. If you are American, you might not understand the conversion rate, but you can be confident that it’s A LOT. The Matsutake Mushroom costs RS 75,000 per Kilogram, which converts to about $1000 every KG.

An awesome dude in B.C.

Paul Kroeger of BC (img: Kyle Pearce)

This guy is awesome. Nice long beard. Observant. Helpful. He is Paul Kroeger, an amateur scientist in British Columbia who is an expert on wild mushrooms in a land where there are plenty of them. I mean, poison control comes to HIM whenever they are trying to identify what mushrooms a person ingested. He talks a bit about his life here and about the state of mushroom foraging. Great read 

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