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5 Ways Mushrooms Can Save The World

Did you know that mushrooms can do just about anything?  As scientists open up to the world of fungi, they are discovering some amazing implications on how mushrooms can help our world.

mushrooms save the world

 Pollution Cleanup

Mushrooms can be used to clean up hazardous materials, even radiation spills.  And not just “can be,” but HAS BEEN DONE.  People in the field of “mycoremediation” use mushrooms to break down hazardous substances into something more benign.  The best part is it is just what mushrooms do and it helps bring the area of cleanup back to a natural order.

Mushrooms have been used to counter negative effects from wildfires, oil spills and radiation spills all over the world.  


According to research published in Science Advances, biobutanol can replace gasoline.  What can make biobutanol?  Mushrooms!

Scientists were able to make butanol with two-year-old mushroom substrates from a mushroom farm and find it a promising development as biofuels right now are made from corn and sugar cane, which competes with food farming and uses precious resources such as water and soil.  Using not only mushrooms, but the waste of mushrooms to produce biofuel could result in a complete revolution to our relationship to national resources and the environment.  


If all else fails and we mess up the earth beyond repair, mushrooms might be key to our survival for our species as we leave and find other planets to colonize. Sounds science fiction, but it really isn’t.

As mentioned, mushrooms can remove chemicals and hazardous waste in dirt and return it to healthy soil suitable for plant growth.  Along these lines, scientists speculate that mushrooms can be used to terraform soils of other planets and get them suitable for plant growth.  

They can also be used to “grow” a habitat for future residents of Mars or the Moon.  According to a fascinating press release from NASA,  they have a myco-architecture project where they are experimenting with utilizing mycelia, the underground threads of fungi, to grow habitats.  

The press release states: 

“Right now, traditional habitat designs for Mars are like a turtle — carrying our homes with us on our backs – a reliable plan, but with huge energy costs,” said Lynn Rothschild, the principal investigator on the early-stage project. “Instead, we can harness mycelia to grow these habitats ourselves when we get there.” 

These are just a FEW ways Mushrooms are awesome.  Thanks for reading!

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A Look At Mushroom Spore Laws in the U.S.

We get emailed the question: Is it illegal to buy mushroom spores? and similar questions about the legality of buying our Psilocybin cubensis mushroom spore syringes often so thought we’d provide a short, concise blog post about this along with some updated information about the legality of magic mushrooms in the United States and Canada on our website.

Mushroom Spores Legality

So to begin with, Federal law in the United States does not mention psilocybin mushroom spores.  Psilocybin and psilocin (the active chemicals in psychedelic mushrooms) are specifically listed on Federal law as Schedule I, not the mushrooms themselves. Psilocybin cubensis mushroom spores do not contain psilocybin or psilocin. hence mushroom spores are not illegal either federally or in most US states. Therefore, we are able to sell and ship mushroom spore syringes to all states in the United States and Canada unless that state has specific regulations regarding the sale, distribution or transportation of psilocybin mushroom spores.

    • Idaho & Georgia: Idaho and Georgia both have adopted laws that specifically ban the transport and sale of psilocybin mushrooms. Therefore, we are unable to ship or sell to Idaho or Georgia. Customers from these states will not be able to purchase anything on our website. If a customer who resides in either of these states would like to purchase any edible liquid culture syringe, please email us.
    • California: California has a law that mentions spores, however, it is not illegal to possess mushroom spores specifically.  Also in California law, there is a law stating that it is illegal for women to drive vehicles while wearing a housecoat, a law stating that walking an elephant down Market Street in San Francisco is illegal, unless the elephant is on a leash and finally, a California law that states homeowners who have Christmas lights on their houses past February 2 may be subject to a fine of up to $250. Any many, many more … :) 
    • ***Our Psilocybe cubensis mushroom spore syringes, mushroom prints (when available) and spore swabs are sold for microscopy research only *** We can not legally and do not give any advice regarding cultivation.***


Decriminalization Psilocybin Movement – A Look At Mushroom Laws By State


In May 2019, Denver residents voting on Ordinance 301 declared “the adult possession and use of psilocybin mushrooms” would become the city’s lowest law enforcement priority, further prohibiting the city from spending resources on penalizing shroom use.  Oakland, California followed suit a month later. In 2020, Oregon voted to legalize magic mushrooms! Many activist groups  in the United States have moved to implement decriminalization of personal use, possession or cultivation of naturally-occurring psychedelics like psilocybin mushrooms and ayahuasca in many cities and states.

Our mission at Premium Spores is to support and aid in increasing awareness of this psilocybin and medicinal mushroom research.

 Thanks for reading!


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