Here are your five stories for the week!


Purple Mushrooms in Arizona

– We all know that mushrooms are awesome, but purple ones?! Those are totally awesomer. A University of Arizona student stopped her partying and went into the woods and found a purple Entoloma occidentale mushroom, which has never been found in southern Arizona.

Illegal? Who cares, sell it anyway.

This is great. There are four dispensaries in Vancouver that sell magic mushrooms. Like, they just do it, even though it’s illegal. The owners are like The Pirate Bay people – not found, but definitely selling. Looks like roadtrip to Canada!

Mushroom gummies to help take the stress away

Image courtesy of Plant People

An interesting and very obviously sponsored post. These mushroom gummies (not psilocybin) from Plant People cost $30 and help balance out your brain. According to the very obviously sponsored post, that is.

Super Mario mushrooms are inspired by magic mushrooms

The most obvious of obvious story was released this week by Den of Geek. Mushrooms that make Mario big are inspired by magic mushrooms. OMG! ReAlLy!? No way. Just kidding. Anyone who has ever played mario, which totals in the billions, knows this is the case. Jeez.

The Bieb likes mushrooms

image courtesy of Budiey on Flickr

Entertainment Tonight has dropped the story of the year. Justin Bieber and some lady named Hailey that is probably his wife have a shared accessory of a mushroom neckless. And—guess the F what!—you can buy one, too. Whatever, ours is better — check them out in the store here