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Don’t Inject Mushrooms, Mushrooms to the Rescue and other stories: Mushroom News Round-up May 13th

It’s been a minute!  Happy Friday the 13th! Here are your stories for the week.


Mushrooms will literally save the world

Drought, famine, wildfires. Everything. Ya know it’s coming. The bible says so if you believe in that and the science says so if you believe in that. If you don’t believe in anything than you don’t really care anyway so move on. This article in tells how having a wide variety of fungi could be key to survivals of ecosystems. Really neat stuff.


A lot of dumb people out there making a bad name for psilocybin and here is another one. This dude made a tea from mushrooms then injected it into his bloodstream. It didn’t go well. He had nausea, septic shock, vomited blood because the fungus started to grow in his veins. No, mushrooms will not turn you into a mushroom hero kids.

Mushrooms and Alcohol

This article really doesn’t tell you anything. Basically the effects of mixing shrooms and alcohol is unpredictable. The reason we are sharing is it to let you know that they really don’t know what happens when you mix two mild drugs like this. So be careful –

Illinois is even getting on board!

Ya know things are going mainstream if Illinois is even getting involved. And not like Chicago, Illinois, but Illinois, Illinois. Like, farm fields. . . . (there’s nothing else to say cuz there’s nothing else). Illinois Public Media asks the question: magic mushrooms going mainstream? Which is ridiculous question when Illinois is asking it because if Illinois is asking then it is already mainstream or past its mainstream peak. Anyways, here is an interesting panel discussion from Illinois:

Contraband in Texas

In the unfortunately named Sulphur Springs, Texas (doesn’t that rotten egg smell just make ya wanna visit!?) a lady was arrested with ecstasy, THC, Crack Cocaine, and mushrooms. Ugh, I hate how mushrooms always get grouped with this stuff. But the picture of the lady arrested shows that clearly she isn’t involved in any of the happy stuff, instead just the messenger or drug dealer. They always say the best bartenders don’t drink, but I’d argue that the best drug dealers at least try the product their pushing to differentiate between the positive and negative ones.


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A Few Tips for a Mushroom Hunting Beginner – Part One

A Beginner’s Guide to Mushroom Hunting

With their delicious flavors, satisfying textures and the many health benefits of mushrooms, they are becoming more and more popular in many people’s culinary pallets. With the food’s increasing popularity, mushroom hunting has been on the upswing in the last decade. As the weather warms up and the mushroom bodies start poking up, foraging is about to be in full swing. If you are thinking about mushroom hunting for the first time this year, we gathered a few basic tips to ensure you make your experience top notch.

Identifying Mushrooms

Many mushrooms can be a delicious addition to many recipes. Many of the gourmet mushroom cultures sold at Premium Spores can be grown at home and are jam-packed with vitamins and nutrients, boosting the immune system and increasing your energy. It is important to remember that not all mushrooms are safe to consume and many can cause many health problems. Mushroom identification is truly a life or death situation and should be taken very seriously. Mushrooms are  Extensive research into the mushrooms you discover and forge in the woods is very important before consumption. There are many books, online research journals, and guidebooks that specifically pertain to your region and you may even be able to find a local mycological society to consult with before eating your finds.  The Complete Mushroom Hunter book by Gary Lincoff is an excellent resource for beginners. 

Approximately only 4% of mushrooms are thought to be edible and flavorful and about 20% of mushrooms are considered edible but lacking in flavor. A large portion of mushrooms are thought to be inedible but seemingly harmless, meaning they are too hard to chew/ingest in the first place.  About 20% of these mushrooms can lead to gastrointestinal and other issues in the body, causing illness, leaving approximately 1% of mushrooms to be deadly to the consumer.  Some mushrooms, like the increasingly popular morels, are delicious finds but nature has a deceptive look alike. Do not consume a mushroom discovered in the wild, unless you are 100%  confident that you are eating the right thing!

Limiting Your Risk of Consuming Contaminated Mushrooms

Mushrooms are the fruiting body of a complex system of mycelium under the soil/in the trees that we cannot see. This system continues to expand and when the temperatures and environment are just right, the mushroom will make its appearance. When growing, they are not sentient beings and do not know the dangers that await them at the surface. They do not worry about car travel or the things people spray to kill insects. When foraging for mushrooms, you may be surprised about where you can find them but you want to be careful where you are picking them from. If they are close to a well traveled road, you may want to leave these mushrooms be. While driving, vehicles let off toxic exhaust fumes and these fumes can be trapped in the soil, the lifesource of the mushroom or the mushroom itself can be coated in these toxic chemicals. 

Not only do we recommend avoiding most roadside foraging, we recommend avoiding hunting in areas that were recently sprayed with chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides. A lot of produce nowadays is treated with these to ensure they will be grown with a higher yield, however, you should try to avoid consuming these chemicals. It may be difficult to know if the ground you are foraging has been treated with these things but keep your eye out and make sure you thoroughly clean every piece of food you forage.

Places to Forage for Mushrooms


Mushroom hunting/foraging mushrooms calls for outdoor adventure and immersing yourself in the natural environment.  Many mushroom hunters have created Facebook groups for their respective US state and group members provide precise locations where they found wild mushrooms and they are shown on a map, much like the one above.  The mushrooms you are seeking are most likely in secluded wooded areas and in meadows. Taking an adventure off the commonly trekked trails gives you the greatest chance of finding those delicious delicacies. If you’re planning on starting your wondrous adventure in the park down the street or a wooded area hours away from you, do your due diligence and make sure you are allowed to be there and do what you’re doing. You do not want to stumble onto someone’s private property, as this is trespassing and can turn from a day of foraging to a criminal charge or even a dangerous situation. Even if you find a glorious patch of black morels mushrooms or a beautiful pearl oyster growing from a tree, this is someone else’s property, this is someone else’s bounty.

Another thing to be conscious about is the restricted areas within the public parks you are wondering through. Sometimes, you have a feeling you can find some tasty mushrooms in one area of a park. Make sure you are allowed to be in this area. Conservation areas that are being protected, should not be disturbed. If you are not allowed to walk through this area, there is a reason and you should be respectful of the park’s conservation efforts, allowing the wooded areas to naturally change, grow and do what it needs to do to be a healthy natural habitat.

You and Your Fellow Mushroom Hunter

We consistently want and seek more, it’s just a human instinct. If you are hunting for personal use, try to get out of the mindset that more is better. Be honest and make sure you take only what you can and will use. There may be other hunters in your area and there is most likely enough to go around. Having a batch of rotting mushrooms in your fridge helps no one. A giant foraging bounty is a perfect Instagram image or may just feel like an awesome victory but please try not to take more than you can chew. 

Mushroom hunting can be an amazing activity for all ages but it comes with some cautions. Make sure you truly know what you’re eating, be conscious of where you’re finding these little guys and overall have fun with it. As mushroom hunting season is coming in hot, we hope you have a wonderful time adventuring the wilderness, have the greatest luck while searching for your treasure and stay safe out there! 

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Canada Sells Magic Mushrooms Even Though Illegal and Other Stories: Mushroom News Round-Up April 22, 2022

Here are your five stories for the week!


Purple Mushrooms in Arizona

– We all know that mushrooms are awesome, but purple ones?! Those are totally awesomer. A University of Arizona student stopped her partying and went into the woods and found a purple Entoloma occidentale mushroom, which has never been found in southern Arizona.

Illegal? Who cares, sell it anyway.

This is great. There are four dispensaries in Vancouver that sell magic mushrooms. Like, they just do it, even though it’s illegal. The owners are like The Pirate Bay people – not found, but definitely selling. Looks like roadtrip to Canada!

Mushroom gummies to help take the stress away

Image courtesy of Plant People

An interesting and very obviously sponsored post. These mushroom gummies (not psilocybin) from Plant People cost $30 and help balance out your brain. According to the very obviously sponsored post, that is.

Super Mario mushrooms are inspired by magic mushrooms

The most obvious of obvious story was released this week by Den of Geek. Mushrooms that make Mario big are inspired by magic mushrooms. OMG! ReAlLy!? No way. Just kidding. Anyone who has ever played mario, which totals in the billions, knows this is the case. Jeez.

The Bieb likes mushrooms

image courtesy of Budiey on Flickr

Entertainment Tonight has dropped the story of the year. Justin Bieber and some lady named Hailey that is probably his wife have a shared accessory of a mushroom neckless. And—guess the F what!—you can buy one, too. Whatever, ours is better — check them out in the store here

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Mommy is trippin’, Vets Help Conservatives See The Light and Other Stories: Mushroom News Round-up April 15, 2022

Hey did you get your taxes in for Tax Day!? Ah, whatever, nothing matters anyway. Except for mushrooms, of course.

Here’s your stories for the week.

Vets Help Red See The Light

The weird thing about mushrooms is that just about everyone thinks they are a good thing. That is, except for the extreme conservatives. That’s changing, though, with the help of vets. This story tells about a vet got help with mushrooms and it’s helping conservative Utah see the benefits we all see in shrooms.

Michigan Morel finder

No one likes to reveal their morel locations. Assholes. But Michigan is a nice place and they have a map of large burn areas, which are prime for mushrooms to grow. Warms your heart.  Check it out!

Not just magic, give flavor!

As we all know, mushrooms are having a moment, even having a year/years/decade. It isn’t just psychedelics, though. Cooking with mushrooms is becoming increasingly popular (I’ll just say for cultural trends- if the Japanese do it, it probably is gonna take off at some point). This article goes in depth on how to cook different varieties and why you would —

Mommy is Trippin’

Remember how I said Japanese culture is a sure bet for future trends? Well, add mothers to that, too, especially when it comes to the drug element. Let’s face it, being a stay-at-home parent sucks. You have to clean up shit all day (sometimes literally) and no one cares. No one appreciates you and no one is gonna say, “Oh you had a hard day, I’ll make dinner tonight and do laundry and dishes.” People just think you lay around all day. Well, these moms and dads are like f- it, that’s what we’ll do then. Parents are starting to take psychedelics to gain a different perspective on this weird life we choose to live.

Mushrooms come to the rescue, again.

Ever wonder what dairy farmers do with the waste whey from production? Yea, me either. But! it is a problem and Empire Medicinals in New York was like, hey we’ll take it and cultivate awesome mushrooms. And, of course it works, because mushrooms can do anything.

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Mushrooms Talk and Other Stories: Mushroom News Round-Up April 8, 2022

Here are your stories this week!

Mushrooms Can Talk

Okay what the actual… this study says that mushrooms can talk to each other with up to 50 words. Scientists studied enoki, split gill, ghost and caterpillar fungus. The article has way too many “trippin'” references, which makes me worry about it’s authenticity, but it is the New York Post so…..(which doesn’t mean anything lol). Also, it’s reported elsewhere in better news sources— I just thought this reporting was particularly lame.

Death Cap Invades Idaho

You’d think that zombies were attacking by the way this quick article and similar articles on the subject are written. A death cap mushroom was found in a “established Boise neighborhood.” Hide your children. Hide your pets! Hide yourself. We are all gonna die in IDAHO!

Psilocybin Lowers Opioid Addiction Risk

An interesting twist on psilocybin being the cure-all for the world. People who used psilocybin at some point in theier lives are significantly less likely to be opioid addicts. It’s pretty awesome, actually, considered where we are with opioids in the land of the free.

Mushrooms Replace Other Foods

It seems like this article is a stating this is a big deal. Empire Medicinals moved into Cornell AgriTech’s new coworking space. This means, I guess, that a lot of research is going to be poured into using mushrooms in order to make them viable alternatives to pastas, breads, and meats. We’ve all seen Sci-Fi movies, Cornell, we know mushrooms are going to save us all when all the other food production goes to shit because of the way we treat the earth… is this your cute way of saying the time is now;)?

Search for Treasure! New Magic Mushroom in Australia

They found evidence of a new magic mushroom species in Australian Wilderness. Only thing is, scientists have never actually seen it. Perhaps it looks like many of the other 200 or so species of mushroom known to naturally produce psilocybin. Or perhaps…just perhaps…it’s a species that is a look-a-like of the great Steve Irwin returning to us all.

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Magic-Mushroom Paralysic, Surfer Koa Smith on Shrooms and Other Stories: Mushroom News Round-Up April 1st, 2022

Ready for April?! Let’s get it.


Psilocybin Paralysis Wood Grow. Can’t..Move.. What?

Supposedly, magic-mushrooms that grow on wood can cause a sort of temporary paralysis. One guy was walking across the street and his legs stopped working so he dragged himself across it like a hungry zombie. Another person couldn’t even chew so even if he was a hungry zombie, he couldn’t do anything about it. Weird stuff here.

Mushrooms, Weed.. Don’t worry, it’s cool guys

This article goes into the aspects of microdosing and marijuana becoming part of wellness culture. And that is what makes it interesting. “After decades of living in an environment dominated solely by destructive, addictive substances like alcohol and nicotine, it’s no wonder Americans are considering their alternatives.” Cultural embrace of wellness drugs is comin’ quick, friends.

Koa Smith loves psychedelic mushrooms

You probably know Koa. The surfer with badass videos who goes everywhere around the world. Well, on one of the waves he fell, hit his board and slammed into some coral, giving him a severe concussion and short-term memory loss. Eventually, that caused depression to the point of suicidal tendencies. What helped him? You already know that answer when you look into your heart.

Mushroom Monsters

There are mushrooms all over Greenland. This guy was walking with some natives and was about to pick a mushroom when he was stopped and told about the mushroom monsters. Which sound awesome.

Mushrooms are from outer space

Mushroom-growing businesses are awesome. And this couple in East Tennessee are GROWING. Like 400-500 pounds a week. Their business is named ET Fungi or Extraterrestrial Fungi after the idea that mushrooms—as unique and wonderful as they are—came from outer space and couldn’t possibly be of earth-origin.

See ya next week!

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Hiker Dies On Mushrooms and Other Stories: Mushroom News Round-Up March 25, 2022

Safety Not Guaranteed: Hiker dies on Mushrooms

AlisonStar Molaf (Massiel Tolentino via GoFundMe)

The body of a New Jersey woman high on mushrooms was found in a river outside Seattle.  There was another hiker with her who was fine and no foul play is suspected. Just too much, I guess. People: if you are gonna do it, please be careful.

It’s going to be okay, Utah

The big bust of Utah. Looks like they even got some gumballs. 

Authorities in Heber, Utah got the big one. Look out El Chapo, these drug dealin’ thugs had THC Dabs, psilocybin mushrooms, and—OMG—marijuana. Luckily, the Major Crimes Unit in Heber stopped these heathens from hitting the streets with all them feel good drugs, which would in effect corrupt the youth of America and make them feel, well, happy but that’s not the point!

Doing Mushrooms While Black – A Guide

This is a pretty awesome guide for doing mushrooms for any race, yet focused on what it means to trip as a black person. It asks if it is safe to trip with the US of A’s War on Drugs and things, but then gets into the technical aspects of psilocybin as well as what it’s like to trip.

The Usual, But A Twist

The usual article on how mushrooms can be treatment for depression and stuff, but with a twist. This article talks of the need to study psychedelic substances for mental health issues when combined with existing treatments. In other words, don’t just start eating mushrooms expecting all your 99 problems to go away.

Morel Season!

If you are a mushroom hunter, you’ll be excited by this news: Morel mushrooms are popping up all over Missouri and probably elsewhere. Morels are delicious and costly. Get out there! See ya next week!

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Don’t Mix Drugs and Guns and other stories: Mushroom News Weekly Round-up: March 18, 2022

Hope everyone is ready for spring! It’s time for green grass, budding flowers, and the bloom of mushrooms! (If you don’t wanna wait for nature, go to our store). Here are some stories from this week’s news.

Mushroom Time-Lapse Through the Year

I can’t imagine the amount of SD cards this dude had to have to get this footage, but it is really amazing. He captured a 365-day long cinematic time-lapse of nine different varieties of mushrooms. Video above, article here.

Biggest star of SXSW? Mushrooms

Like Austin, SXSW used to be weird. Now it is a place where cultural ideas and expression cultivates and a glimpse into the future can be seen…Mushrooms are there, friends. (img: Jim Nix)

I mean, not really. But it IS being talked about, as read here in the Austin Chronicle. The future can be bright and mushrooms will be apart of it, as long as us old folks step aside and let these young, smart hippies take control (let’s do it!)

Traffic Stop Gone Wrong

With a name like Kyle William Benjamin, there was so much hope.. 

This dude wasn’t having a good day. Besides being caught with mushrooms, he also had heroin, an AR-15, $846 and some other stuff. I’m not sure what party he was going to, but his ’02 Chevy and 23-year-old ass is now not goin’ anywhere. Don’t get caught, kids. And don’t bring all your shit with you when you’re going to pick up Little Caesar’s or whatever 23-year-old drug dealers do during the day.

1700s had Mushroom Clouds

Mushroom cloud above Gibralter from the 18th Century

Duddddddeee. Europeans totally had nukes in the 1700s. Einstein didn’t discover shit. J/K. But there are paintings of mushroom clouds from back then and it gets people wondering. Turns out, though mushroom clouds are associated with nuclear weapons, they also happen from explosions and weather-related events. At least, according to some website called IFLScience. Pft.

Party Gone Wrong

This story kinda sucks actually. Peter had a bad trip. And there were guns around. Bad mix. He started shooting an AK-47 at clouds and then started telling people he was a god. And then pointed guns at others. And then one of the others pointed their gun at Peter and killed him by shooting him in his back, butt, chest, neck, and face. The guy that shot him said he was trippin’ too. It was Peter’s first trip and it’ll be his last.

Friends, drugs and guns don’t mix. Sorry.


…See ya next week

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Take Shrooms, Not Adderall! and Other Stories: Mushroom News Round-Up March 11, 2022

Ready for a Mario-level power up of stories? Let’sa Go!

Naked Man Fights on Mushrooms

This guy was probably still trippin’ (courtesy Webster County) 

The no-good mushroom no-gooders strike again! This time, a naked 22-year-old in Providence, Kentucky was arrested for hallucinating and beating up his mom and brother, then tried to beat up police even after being tased. As we said before, it affects everyone differently. So, ya know, maybe stay away from your mom and brother next time you trip.

Leave it to the Australians

Not all Mushrooms are Made for Eating, folks!

Australians are the wild ones of this world, which isn’t surprising given their penal colony history, and that is further proven in this seemingly simple article on mushrooms popping up near Sydney. That stuff is all fine and good, but the most interesting part of the article is of a guy who decided to ingest a mushroom and ended up in the hospital. Instead of eating it like a normal person, “He first rubbed a piece of the mushroom against his skin, and licked the toadstool about 20 minutes before taking a small bite.” Then ended up in the hospital for two days. In a country with universal health care, this wasn’t that big of a deal, though, and the Australian simply said “I did a very stupid thing. We all make mistakes” and then proceeded to NOT pay tens of thousands of dollars for his dumb mistake. Good for you, Aussies.

Lion’s Mane replace Adderall?!

Forget them ADHD drugs, try mushrooms instead (img: Gwella)

If you were excited by Mark Cuban’s plan to take on big pharma, just wait to you hear mushroom’s plan. By mushroom we mean Gwella Mojo gummies that have Lion’s Mane in them. The founder of Gwella started experimenting with mushrooms to replace Adderall, the infamous ADHD drug. In this article, the writer tried the gummies to see if they have any effect. They did, though it was short lived.

10 Best Mushrooms for Eating

The Pioneer Woman is so famous even I know who she is. In this new article, she outlines the 10 Best Types of Mushrooms for Soups, Stir-Frieds and More. Totally worth a look if you are into cookin’.

Magic Mushrooms Help People

Every week, there is are many new articles about psilocybin helping people with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. We try to bring you the more interesting ones (how many times do we need to hear about some state possible legalizing it. I mean, come on). Anyways, this article goes into personal stories, legal issues, and what universities are doing to study psychedelic-assisted therapy using psilocybin, MDMA, and ketamine. It’s worth the read.

That’s all. See ya next week!

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Sustainable Living With Mushroom Packaging, Butt-Naked Talks With Dog: Mushroom News Round-Up March 4, 2022

Hey! It’s March. Time for the spring blooms, warm breezes, and PREMIUM mushroom Spores.  Here’s your news for the week.

Mushrooms Replace Styrofoam

Mushrooms to the rescue!

Who remembers when we were kids learning about the atrocity of styrofoam cups NEVER decomposing? And now that we are adults we go to Sonic because that styrofoam keeps drinks nice an coooooold? Anyways, there are products that are being packaged in mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms, in a way similar to styrofoam. Mushrooms might actually save the world.

Mushroom Coffee

New collab: Mushrooms X Coffee Beans

Mushrooms are having their spotlight right now. Which is kinda funny because mushrooms often grow in the absence of light. Step aside kale, here comes super mushroom to spruce up your….coffee? That’s right, mushroom coffee is a thing and starting to be stocked by grocery stores. To be clear, it isn’t straight mushrooms. It has coffee beans in it. But the coffee is supposed to have health benefits and if you wanna jump on the trend, you might as well declare that mushroom coffee will result in the Second Coming of Christ it’s so good.

Boosie Badazz Talks to Dog Butt-Naked

Everyone gotta have a story. (img: TrillEntCMG)

There really isn’t much to add to this article with this sort of title. Except, that psychedelic mushrooms affect everyone differently. The American rapper seems to start talking to a dog while being “butt-naked.” Not just naked. butt. naked. What’s it do to you?

Mushrooms are 2022

Mushrooms. mmmmm (img: Tomomarusan)

Forget electric cars that probably can’t be built because of all these shortages, mushrooms are one of the “top five food trends for 2022,” according to Produce Blue Book. This article provides all the reasons why in an easy-to-read fashion so you can impress your friends when they ask you why you are still wearing tye-dye.

Hey, Guess What! Magic Mushrooms help with depression

If you haven’t heard the news 1 million times in the past few months, magic mushrooms can help with depression and anxiety. This article gives the run-down we have all heard before, but has some encouraging quotes from doctoral students and professors who think that shrooms are gonna boom in a very big, very legal way soon.

See y’all next week!

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