It’s been a minute!  Happy Friday the 13th! Here are your stories for the week.


Mushrooms will literally save the world

Drought, famine, wildfires. Everything. Ya know it’s coming. The bible says so if you believe in that and the science says so if you believe in that. If you don’t believe in anything than you don’t really care anyway so move on. This article in tells how having a wide variety of fungi could be key to survivals of ecosystems. Really neat stuff.


A lot of dumb people out there making a bad name for psilocybin and here is another one. This dude made a tea from mushrooms then injected it into his bloodstream. It didn’t go well. He had nausea, septic shock, vomited blood because the fungus started to grow in his veins. No, mushrooms will not turn you into a mushroom hero kids.

Mushrooms and Alcohol

This article really doesn’t tell you anything. Basically the effects of mixing shrooms and alcohol is unpredictable. The reason we are sharing is it to let you know that they really don’t know what happens when you mix two mild drugs like this. So be careful –

Illinois is even getting on board!

Ya know things are going mainstream if Illinois is even getting involved. And not like Chicago, Illinois, but Illinois, Illinois. Like, farm fields. . . . (there’s nothing else to say cuz there’s nothing else). Illinois Public Media asks the question: magic mushrooms going mainstream? Which is ridiculous question when Illinois is asking it because if Illinois is asking then it is already mainstream or past its mainstream peak. Anyways, here is an interesting panel discussion from Illinois:

Contraband in Texas

In the unfortunately named Sulphur Springs, Texas (doesn’t that rotten egg smell just make ya wanna visit!?) a lady was arrested with ecstasy, THC, Crack Cocaine, and mushrooms. Ugh, I hate how mushrooms always get grouped with this stuff. But the picture of the lady arrested shows that clearly she isn’t involved in any of the happy stuff, instead just the messenger or drug dealer. They always say the best bartenders don’t drink, but I’d argue that the best drug dealers at least try the product their pushing to differentiate between the positive and negative ones.