Hope everyone is ready for spring! It’s time for green grass, budding flowers, and the bloom of mushrooms! (If you don’t wanna wait for nature, go to our store). Here are some stories from this week’s news.

Mushroom Time-Lapse Through the Year

I can’t imagine the amount of SD cards this dude had to have to get this footage, but it is really amazing. He captured a 365-day long cinematic time-lapse of nine different varieties of mushrooms. Video above, article here.

Biggest star of SXSW? Mushrooms

Like Austin, SXSW used to be weird. Now it is a place where cultural ideas and expression cultivates and a glimpse into the future can be seen…Mushrooms are there, friends. (img: Jim Nix)

I mean, not really. But it IS being talked about, as read here in the Austin Chronicle. The future can be bright and mushrooms will be apart of it, as long as us old folks step aside and let these young, smart hippies take control (let’s do it!)

Traffic Stop Gone Wrong

With a name like Kyle William Benjamin, there was so much hope.. 

This dude wasn’t having a good day. Besides being caught with mushrooms, he also had heroin, an AR-15, $846 and some other stuff. I’m not sure what party he was going to, but his ’02 Chevy and 23-year-old ass is now not goin’ anywhere. Don’t get caught, kids. And don’t bring all your shit with you when you’re going to pick up Little Caesar’s or whatever 23-year-old drug dealers do during the day.

1700s had Mushroom Clouds

Mushroom cloud above Gibralter from the 18th Century

Duddddddeee. Europeans totally had nukes in the 1700s. Einstein didn’t discover shit. J/K. But there are paintings of mushroom clouds from back then and it gets people wondering. Turns out, though mushroom clouds are associated with nuclear weapons, they also happen from explosions and weather-related events. At least, according to some website called IFLScience. Pft.

Party Gone Wrong

This story kinda sucks actually. Peter had a bad trip. And there were guns around. Bad mix. He started shooting an AK-47 at clouds and then started telling people he was a god. And then pointed guns at others. And then one of the others pointed their gun at Peter and killed him by shooting him in his back, butt, chest, neck, and face. The guy that shot him said he was trippin’ too. It was Peter’s first trip and it’ll be his last.

Friends, drugs and guns don’t mix. Sorry.


…See ya next week