Regrettably, we are unable to provide legal advice regarding the cultivation of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms or offer grow kits with our mushroom spore syringes. Any queries about these matters would be better addressed by professionals who specialize in that field. Nevertheless, we are equipped to provide support through email if you’re cultivating mushrooms using our gourmet edible liquid culture syringes.

Regarding recommended kits, we’ve received positive feedback about several companies. The seasoned professionals at Midwest Grow Kits, for instance, has practically redefined at-home mycology, extending beyond the realm of standard research. MYNDShrooms is committed to unveiling the remarkable world of mushrooms, offering top-tier supplies and expert guidance for at-home fungal cultivation. Magic Bag, a company that donates all its profits to non-profit medical research facilities focused on medicinal mushrooms, also comes highly recommended. Cultiv8r club (formerly Psilobloom) based in Oregon, receives commendations for their focus on education and comprehensive instructions included with their kits.