Hello all. Hope you are surviving the winter and the onslaught of cold, cold weather. Don’t worry — brighter days are literally ahead. At least until late June. Here is your round-up of this weeks news.

Support a Good Cause: Eat Candy Mushrooms

Popadelics mushroom snack

They aren’t exactly candy, but they are certainly a snack. The vegan snack Popadelics is tasty and better-for-you than most snacks. They are available for pre-order via Indiegogo starting February 22. And—best of all—purchases will support the Johns Hopkins Center of Psychedelic & Consciousness Research center to explore innovation treatments for improved mental health. The snacks, however, do not contain any psilocybin. Check it out below.

Penis Envy Mushroom House

This house used to have a giant penis on it. But it was “circumcised” according to owner Eddie Garfinkle. Sidenote: doesn’t it make sense that a Garfinkle would own a mushroom house? Anyways, check out the Insta video on this weird Washington D.C. area house above.

West Virginia Turnpike Tunnel Mushroom Farm

West Virginia: wild, wonderful….and definitely the site of a world-ending zombie invasion.

Perhaps no place gives a better glimpse of the dystopian future to come than West Virginia (have you ever been there!?) and this plan is further proof. An old turnpike tunnel, formerly used for National Guard training, is being transformed into a mushroom farm. Mark our words: mushrooms will outlast all of us forever and ever. (so get some here in our store!)

Going Berserk on Mushrooms and Weed

Actual Image of English “Hoodlum” Going Berserk….. j/k it’s from pixabay.

I suppose some people AREN’T chill on chill drugs. This dude in England took some mushrooms and got high and then smashed a bunch of windows and threw a brick at a police officer’s head. The first line says it all: “An out-of-control hoodlum who was high on magic mushrooms and cannabis went berserk smashing up nine parked cars near his home.”

hmm.. I didn’t know people still say hoodlum. Guess it’s a different world across the pond.

Forget Game of Thrones, We got GAME OF SHROOMS

This article is actually 2 weeks old, but come on it’s awesome. For the past four years, there is annual one-day worldwide art hunt on June 11th for participants to create mushroom art and hide it in public places for others to find it just for that day. This article is about a town in Canada and goes to the roots of Game of Shrooms. Game of Shrooms was created by California-based artist Attaboy, who “began hiding art around the Bay area in 2016 as a way to work through his severe depression, and it was only three years later — when he felt it was helping him — that he decided to open it up to the world.”

Neat stuff.

See y’all next week!