Safety Not Guaranteed: Hiker dies on Mushrooms

AlisonStar Molaf (Massiel Tolentino via GoFundMe)

The body of a New Jersey woman high on mushrooms was found in a river outside Seattle.  There was another hiker with her who was fine and no foul play is suspected. Just too much, I guess. People: if you are gonna do it, please be careful.

It’s going to be okay, Utah

The big bust of Utah. Looks like they even got some gumballs. 

Authorities in Heber, Utah got the big one. Look out El Chapo, these drug dealin’ thugs had THC Dabs, psilocybin mushrooms, and—OMG—marijuana. Luckily, the Major Crimes Unit in Heber stopped these heathens from hitting the streets with all them feel good drugs, which would in effect corrupt the youth of America and make them feel, well, happy but that’s not the point!

Doing Mushrooms While Black – A Guide

This is a pretty awesome guide for doing mushrooms for any race, yet focused on what it means to trip as a black person. It asks if it is safe to trip with the US of A’s War on Drugs and things, but then gets into the technical aspects of psilocybin as well as what it’s like to trip.

The Usual, But A Twist

The usual article on how mushrooms can be treatment for depression and stuff, but with a twist. This article talks of the need to study psychedelic substances for mental health issues when combined with existing treatments. In other words, don’t just start eating mushrooms expecting all your 99 problems to go away.

Morel Season!

If you are a mushroom hunter, you’ll be excited by this news: Morel mushrooms are popping up all over Missouri and probably elsewhere. Morels are delicious and costly. Get out there! See ya next week!