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Psilocybin Paralysis Wood Grow. Can’t..Move.. What?

Supposedly, magic-mushrooms that grow on wood can cause a sort of temporary paralysis. One guy was walking across the street and his legs stopped working so he dragged himself across it like a hungry zombie. Another person couldn’t even chew so even if he was a hungry zombie, he couldn’t do anything about it. Weird stuff here.

Mushrooms, Weed.. Don’t worry, it’s cool guys

This article goes into the aspects of microdosing and marijuana becoming part of wellness culture. And that is what makes it interesting. “After decades of living in an environment dominated solely by destructive, addictive substances like alcohol and nicotine, it’s no wonder Americans are considering their alternatives.” Cultural embrace of wellness drugs is comin’ quick, friends.

Koa Smith loves psychedelic mushrooms

You probably know Koa. The surfer with badass videos who goes everywhere around the world. Well, on one of the waves he fell, hit his board and slammed into some coral, giving him a severe concussion and short-term memory loss. Eventually, that caused depression to the point of suicidal tendencies. What helped him? You already know that answer when you look into your heart.

Mushroom Monsters

There are mushrooms all over Greenland. This guy was walking with some natives and was about to pick a mushroom when he was stopped and told about the mushroom monsters. Which sound awesome.

Mushrooms are from outer space

Mushroom-growing businesses are awesome. And this couple in East Tennessee are GROWING. Like 400-500 pounds a week. Their business is named ET Fungi or Extraterrestrial Fungi after the idea that mushrooms—as unique and wonderful as they are—came from outer space and couldn’t possibly be of earth-origin.

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