Hey did you get your taxes in for Tax Day!? Ah, whatever, nothing matters anyway. Except for mushrooms, of course.

Here’s your stories for the week.

Vets Help Red See The Light

The weird thing about mushrooms is that just about everyone thinks they are a good thing. That is, except for the extreme conservatives. That’s changing, though, with the help of vets. This story tells about a vet got help with mushrooms and it’s helping conservative Utah see the benefits we all see in shrooms.

Michigan Morel finder

No one likes to reveal their morel locations. Assholes. But Michigan is a nice place and they have a map of large burn areas, which are prime for mushrooms to grow. Warms your heart.  Check it out!

Not just magic, give flavor!

As we all know, mushrooms are having a moment, even having a year/years/decade. It isn’t just psychedelics, though. Cooking with mushrooms is becoming increasingly popular (I’ll just say for cultural trends- if the Japanese do it, it probably is gonna take off at some point). This article goes in depth on how to cook different varieties and why you would —

Mommy is Trippin’

Remember how I said Japanese culture is a sure bet for future trends? Well, add mothers to that, too, especially when it comes to the drug element. Let’s face it, being a stay-at-home parent sucks. You have to clean up shit all day (sometimes literally) and no one cares. No one appreciates you and no one is gonna say, “Oh you had a hard day, I’ll make dinner tonight and do laundry and dishes.” People just think you lay around all day. Well, these moms and dads are like f- it, that’s what we’ll do then. Parents are starting to take psychedelics to gain a different perspective on this weird life we choose to live.

Mushrooms come to the rescue, again.

Ever wonder what dairy farmers do with the waste whey from production? Yea, me either. But! it is a problem and Empire Medicinals in New York was like, hey we’ll take it and cultivate awesome mushrooms. And, of course it works, because mushrooms can do anything.