Happy Mardi Gras everyone! We are almost to spring.  Here is your news for this week.

Family Business Goes Down the Drain

Police get the goods from the Allens. img: Floyd County Sheriff’s Office

A mom and two sons (the Allens) are charged with growing magic mushrooms, possession of LSD, cocaine, meth, and so on in southern Indiana. The mushroom farm was quite sophisticated, according the article, with areas in their lab behind the family home being designated for each stage of the growing process. Now I’m not sure about the other drugs, but in terms of mushrooms, it just seems like the Allen family is ahead of the curve.

Every week, repeat: Colorado may decriminalize psilocybin

We’ve told this story so many times about so many states in the last few weeks. The articles, like this one, usually go like this: 1) which state is thinking of decriminalizing. 2) some guy or gal who is tired of taking painful and harmful medication tries psilocybin after reading mental health benefits. 3) guy or gal feels pretty damn good after trying psilocybin. 4) State further considers decriminalization. Check out this article on Colorado and a guy named Floyd.

Can we put one other state on the list?

Get Ready for Utah

Colorado isn’t the only one in the news this week. Conservative stronghold Utah is also considering exploring the legalization of psilocybin. This article in the Salt Lake Tribune follows a similar formula to all the others, but goes into more of the legislative side of the process. Which gets a little boring, but also makes ya think that it is really gonna happen soon instead of just speculation. So get ready to see Arches National Park in a whole new way!

Find Room in the Shroom Room

The Gentleman Forager (img: The Gentleman Forager)

I’m sure we have a lot of readers in Minnesota but as a non-native of that north country land, I have to say you all are weird (not that there is anything wrong with that!). This guy known as The Gentleman Forager (?) is opening a place called the Shroom Room which will combine wild foraged mushrooms and music right outside Minneapolis. Which would be really cool if people have not been doing that since freakin’ forever (have you ever SEEN a YES album cover?!) J/k the place looks really clean and sophisticated actually, which is a good counter to the mushroom cultural expectation of such a place only existing in your best friend’s basement next to the laundry room and their dad’s toy train collection.

Augusta, South Carolina Buds Arrested for Good Ol’ Fashioned Drug Dealin’

These guys go bye bye!

It’s weird to me that the one of the most illegal part of this whole operation is the chocolate bars laced with psilocybin and NOT the being caught with an assault rifle and 12-gauge shotgun. Not trying to make a political statement, just thinking objectively about it in terms of this question: would the guns or the shrooms do more harm to humanity? There is all this research about how psilocybin mushrooms help with depression and mental health. I do not think there is the same research about guns helping with that stuff. Whatever. Here are two 27-year-olds that got arrested in South Carolina for having 18 pounds of weed and four pounds of shrooms. Regardless of my conundrum on legality, they weren’t the greatest of citizens, considering past warrants of one of them beating up a girl then breaking into her house a year later by kicking in her garage door and tearing shit up. https://www.theaugustapress.com/augusta-men-caught-with-18-pounds-of-marijuana-and-four-pounds-of-mushrooms/

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