Merry Christmas, everyone! Before you open presents, check out these 5 news stories on mushrooms from this week’s news.

Chanterelle (img: Andreas Kunze)

Chanterelles Come Out to California

The story of two foragers in Humboldt County, California, and their jackpot find of the golden mushroom: chanterelles. Great read, better listen.

Santa’s Reindeer Fly Cuz They Are High

We’ve heard rumors of Santa and his reindeer tripping into existence for years and this article further supports the idea. Pschyoactive mushroom Armanita Muscaria has been consumed by Siberians for thousands of years. High-flying reindeer are thought to eat them, too. It looks exactly like Alice In Wonderland mushrooms- red-capped with white dots. This article gives a few connections to Christmas for you to chew on.

For Finance Freaks

We’ve been saying it for years and it looks like the world is catching on: mushrooms are the future. Driven by medicinal benefits, this article shows the mushroom market will increase by 18.78 billion dollars between 2020-2025. Sounds good to us!

Don’t Go To Ohio

Police in Streetsboro, Ohio seized a bunch of drugs from a home a few days for Christmas. Weed, Cocaine, mushrooms, etc. Nothing crazy. Also, a gun and some money. Why is this news? Well, have you ever seen those pictures of tastefully arranged travel or hunting gear laid down on the ground? The police missed a great opportunity to do that with this loot. Still, it looks like the Portage County Police Department will be having an extra cheery Christmas.

It’s bleeding! (img: Henna K. from flickr)

Weird Mushroom Facts

Bloody mushrooms? 81-degree bioluminescent fungus? Stinky sponges? All that and more in this quick, fun article from India on weird mushrooms around the world. Check it out.

Everyone: Have happy and safe holidays from Premium Spores! We’ll see you next week.