Happy Friday, everyone.

Here is your weekly mushroom news from Premium Spores.

A Parisian bag made from mushroom leather (img: MycoWorks)

1) South Carolina Getting in on the Mushrooms

We reported a bit back on utilizing mushrooms to make leather. MycoWorks is investing $107 million to build a new mushroom leather factory in Union County, SC. This article gives information about how awesome mushroom leather is, as well as discusses some competition MycoWorks is seeing, from the likes of Lululemon, VH Corp. (parent company of Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger), and more.

2) Doctors can prescribe MDMA and psilocybin for seriously ill in B.C.

Canada is taking steps in the right direction. After 8 years of excluding MDMA and magic mushrooms as prescription options for the seriously ill, the Canadian government has allowed docs to prescribe MDMA and psilocybin for patients suffering from treatment-resistant illnesses.

In the article, one person said: “For me, the mushrooms took the anxiety out of cancer. It changed my perspective to see that the disease is not my entire life…” a neat thing to recognize.

Vic Mensa in 2015

3) Drug Rule Number 1: don’t bring them to airports

Famous Chicago rapper Vic Mensa got arrested earlier this week for having a bunch of LSD and mushrooms in his suitcase coming home from a trip through Africa.

He doesn’t seem remorseful, though, as made clear his first comments since the arrest via twitter:
“Wow what a trip”
“i’m freeeeeee. Love you all god works in mysterious ways.”

4) To Grow or Not To Grow?

Turns out, things in New Mexico are as weird as ever. People are trying to figure out it growing psilocybin mushrooms is legal over there. And the answer is…. maybe. According to this article, a lot of people think it is legal to grow mushrooms, but once they become dried or extracted, then they become illegal.

And the basis for this argument is a 2005 court case where the New Mexico Court of Appeals overturned a conviction of one man who was charged with trafficking psychedelic mushrooms.

Essentially, it seems like there is a lot of grey area on the subject, basically because most people agree that putting psilocybin mushrooms on the same level of offense as hardcore drugs is BS.

5) Canadians Get the Idea

Canadians strike again! Robert Rogers wrote a new book called Psilocybin Mushrooms where he explores the benefits of psilocybin mushrooms. Magic mushrooms were legal in Canada up until 1975 and Rogers argues it’s time make them legal again: to help with COVID-19 anxiety, alcohol addiction, etc.

His book goes through the ancient history of mushrooms to the present. Worth the read! Check it out here.