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Here’s this weeks top mushroom news.

Want to hear some literal mushroom music?? Yes, you do.

Mushroom Music

You may think I’m talking about the Grateful Dead or something, but no. No. This is literal. Mushrooms MAKING music. This dude, MycoLoco, uses bioelectricity and the Earth’s natural resonance to make some crazy synth music. And, by crazy, I mean awesome. check it out.

No Side Effects with Magic Mushroom Microdosing for PTSD

I’m a natural skeptic when someone says “NO side effects.” Like, okay Mr. Snake Oil Guy. But for many of us in the mushroom field, we’ve been reading (and experiencing) the benefits of psilocybin in the world in treating depression, ptsd, etc. And how much better it is than traditional western medicine techniques. And this is yet another story that shows that scientifically out of London.

Doesn’t have to be Magic Mushrooms, though.

Scientists are finding that eating any kind of mushrooms on a regular basis helps lower depression risk. This article goes through some of the possibilities on why mushrooms are beneficial to our mental health. So get cookin’ and get eatin’!

The New Electric Mercedes Benz (img courtesy of Mercedes Benz)

Mercedes Mushrooms

Let’s face it: we are going electric. And Mercedes has a concept electric car that looks as badass as any Mercedes, except instead of leather, the seats are made from mushroom fibers. Not only that, the whole interior doesn’t use any animal products: bamboo floors, plastics made from trash, etc. Did we mention it looks incredible?

Mushroom Coffee

Not really. But it’s not just coffee. There is a magic ingredient. But not the magic like we mushroom nerds think about. No, we are talking about lion’s mane, chaga, and other medicinal mushrooms. This coffee shop in Seattle sells coffee with mushrooms in it to give added health benefits. Like brain function, focus, sleep, and immune function. If you find yourself in Seattle, make sure to check out Wunderground Coffee 

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