Here are your stories this week!

Mushrooms Can Talk

Okay what the actual… this study says that mushrooms can talk to each other with up to 50 words. Scientists studied enoki, split gill, ghost and caterpillar fungus. The article has way too many “trippin'” references, which makes me worry about it’s authenticity, but it is the New York Post so…..(which doesn’t mean anything lol). Also, it’s reported elsewhere in better news sources— I just thought this reporting was particularly lame.

Death Cap Invades Idaho

You’d think that zombies were attacking by the way this quick article and similar articles on the subject are written. A death cap mushroom was found in a “established Boise neighborhood.” Hide your children. Hide your pets! Hide yourself. We are all gonna die in IDAHO!

Psilocybin Lowers Opioid Addiction Risk

An interesting twist on psilocybin being the cure-all for the world. People who used psilocybin at some point in theier lives are significantly less likely to be opioid addicts. It’s pretty awesome, actually, considered where we are with opioids in the land of the free.

Mushrooms Replace Other Foods

It seems like this article is a stating this is a big deal. Empire Medicinals moved into Cornell AgriTech’s new coworking space. This means, I guess, that a lot of research is going to be poured into using mushrooms in order to make them viable alternatives to pastas, breads, and meats. We’ve all seen Sci-Fi movies, Cornell, we know mushrooms are going to save us all when all the other food production goes to shit because of the way we treat the earth… is this your cute way of saying the time is now;)?

Search for Treasure! New Magic Mushroom in Australia

They found evidence of a new magic mushroom species in Australian Wilderness. Only thing is, scientists have never actually seen it. Perhaps it looks like many of the other 200 or so species of mushroom known to naturally produce psilocybin. Or perhaps…just perhaps…it’s a species that is a look-a-like of the great Steve Irwin returning to us all.