How to Purchase Bitcoin via Cash App (credit or debit card) in Minutes

To purchase Bitcoin using Cash App:

  1. Tap the Investing tab on your Cash App home screen
  2. Tap Bitcoin
  3. Press Buy
  4. Select an amount or tap … to enter a custom amount
  5. Enter your PIN and select Confirm

And you’re done. :)

**Purchasing bitcoin requires that you have a balance in your Cash App.** This is funded with your credit/debit card.

If you are new to Cash App, you can download Cash App on the App Store and Google Play.  You will be able to fund your Cash App via a credit card or debit card.  Cash App is owned by Square, so it safe and very convenient.

We truly appreciate your patience with these “harder than should be” payment methods we must use for the time being.  We are always looking for additional payment methods. Due to the nature of our business (psilocybin spores), credit card companies/banks make it difficult for us to work with them.  Hopefully, as laws change with the legality of Psilocybin in the United States, credit card companies will be more open to working with us.

As always, please email us at if you have any questions.

Bitcoin & Ethereum

Bitcoin and Ethereum are forms of cryptocurrency. Not familiar with cryptocurrency? Here’s a great article from Blockgeeks with more information: We process cryptocurrency payments using CoinPayments, the largest and most reputable cryptocurrency merchant in the world. Customers choosing to complete payment using Bitcoin or Ethereum receive 10% OFF their total purchase.

How It Works

After submitting your order using the Bitcoin or Ethereum payment options, the next page will provide you with a link to CoinPayments. You will receive an email confirmation when your transaction clears. Within 24-48 hours of payment receipt, your order will be processed and shipped. You will receive a final email with the tracking number for your order.


Where to send Zelle Payment?

After selecting “Pay by Zelle”, you will be taken to a page with our email address and mobile #we specifically use for customer Zelle payments.  These are linked to our business account. Do NOT send Zelle payments to 1-800-943-1850 OR

If you can’t find the email you received after placing an order and need our Zelle contact information, due to security and fraud concerns, please email us at with the subject line: “Need Zelle contact info” if you need our email address/mobile #we specifically use for customer Zelle payments.  We will email you both our mobile # and email address.  You can send payment to either one.

Zelle is an app built right into most US banks’ mobile apps that are used to send payments electronically between businesses and individuals via email. Sign up is quick and easy if your bank is a Zelle partner. You access the application through YOUR bank, NOT Zelle. The app is available in the Transfer Money section of your bank app or online bank account profile.

How It Works

After the order is completed using the Zelle payment option, and email will be sent to you with instructions for setting up Zelle. You will receive another email confirming our receipt of your Zelle payment. Within 24-48 hours of payment receipt, your order will be processed and shipped. You will receive a final email with the tracking number for your order.

Cash Or Money Order

Customers choosing to complete payment using mail-in Cash or Money Order can take advantage of our Buy 2 Or More Get One Free promotion.

How It Works:

Complete your order online using the Cash/Money Order Payment option and generate an order number.

Money orders should be made out to: MyCo Direct
Send cash or money order to:
Myco Direct
12172 S. Rte 47 Ste 199
Huntley, Illinois 60142
*** Include Your Order Number Only ***

Within 24-48 hours of payment receipt, your order will be processed and shipped. You will receive an email confirming payment receipt and providing you with the tracking number for your order.


The free syringe is included post-payment. It is not one that you pay for therefore is not on the invoice until payment is received. To specify a request for your free syringe, you can write a note in your envelope or send us an email at: . We will do our best to accommodate all requests of equal or lesser value of the cheapest spore syringe being purchased and in stock. It is not a guarantee that you will receive the free syringe you have requested but we will try. The deal only applies for mail-in Money Order/Cash orders. Make sure to include your order number in the envelope.

Payment options for Premium Spores are limited due to the lack of support for psilocybin mushroom spore research. Payment options are subject to change at any time.