Who’s ready for the weekend? Here’s some mushroom talking points for all those dates you are gonna go on for V Day! We are rooting for you!

Rabbi Grows Magic Mushrooms

Rabbit Ben Gorelick in Denver (Img: Andy Cross, The Denver Post)

This is fascinating. Rabbi Ben Gorelick started growing mushrooms for Sacred Tribe (his congregation) for spiritual use in Denver. Folks in his Tribe take some mushrooms, then lay down and do guided breathing and other spiritual things. Every month, the young rabbi holds weekend retreats featuring his grown mushrooms.

On Jan. 10, police raided his Synagogue and arrested Gorelick. He isn’t worried, though, because of the murky lines of decriminalization in Denver, as well as exemptions for religious use. And, probably, the influence of being under the influence. Read more here.

Fungi is Fashion

Necklaces from our Premium Spores store. 

The New York Times is joining the bandwagon and showing some high fashion that looks like 1990s hippy store paraphernalia. The prices, though, aren’t what you would find at those incense-infused dirty t-shirt and birkenstock shoe places, though. We are talking a wallet that looks like it came from the forest for $525 and a psychedelic weird looking ring for a whopping $17,500. If you’re rich and can’t figure out how to look like you like mushrooms without spending that paper, check them out.  If you’re not rich and want to show that you like our fungi friends, head to our store where you can get some great T-shirts and pretty necklaces like the ones above.

TikTok Mushroom Forager

Instead of looking at influencers do ridiculous magic tricks, try watching this mushroom forager from the great state of Michigan tell ya how to get out in the woods.

You won’t be alone: Gabrielle Cerberville, or the “Chaotic Forager,” has a following of 900,000 users who want to learn about foraging. She also makes music with the mushrooms she finds, much like the dude we talked about a few weeks ago.

Turn Your Hater into a Lover

It’s Valentine’s Day, right? Why don’t you spend the day by annoying the hell out of your significant other who happens to hate mushrooms and nag them about “how they don’t actually hate mushrooms, they just haven’t had good ones yet?”

Everyone loves being told they are wrong, so make this V Day special and use big words about the textures and different names of mushrooms to let them know that they are not only wrong, but stupid.

J/K – this is actually a great article on how to cook mushrooms better and in different ways to more fully enjoy mushrooms if you already like mushrooms and to find ways to enjoy them if you don’t.

The Many Many Benefits of Mushrooms

Mushroom burger…mmmmm

This article goes into it all about how mushrooms are so freakin’ great for your physical health. Whether it be supplements or being a source of potassium and selenium, mushrooms are a perfect way to get your diet in check. Also, this article helps me win a bet because I told someone that mushrooms are a good substitute for meat and they said that mushrooms are not and the article says it is and articles don’t lie. So I’m right. I’ll make sure to point that out on Valentine’s Day.

Keep it Real, Portland

Oregon is putting in some rules to allow only one type of psilocybin and prohibiting genetically modified or chemically synthesized stuff. The Oregon Health Authority started developing regulations on how to get psilocybin products and services out for therapy and this is part of that process. Read more here

Everyone have a great week. We’ll see you next Friday. If you can’t wait until then, visit our store and we’ll send you something good.