Shipping Information

Premium Spores ships to all states in the US, excluding Georgia & Idaho, and Canada. Shipping is discreet and confidential.

Shipping is secure and discreet with no indication as to the contents of the package.

    • The return label will read: M. BRANDS DIRECT LLC, with no mention of spores.
    • Boxes are plain, with no logos or writing.
    • Below are images of our two most commonly used shipping boxes. You can expect your package to arrive looking exactly like one of these.

You can pay for faster shipping if you choose.

    • Standard Mail: $6.99, typical transit times are 5-7 days
    • Priority Shipping: $14.99, 2-3 days
    • Express Shipping: $49.99, 1-2 days
    • FedEx: $30.00, we will ship via FedEx upon special request, email:

We ship Monday through Saturday.