Hey! It’s March. Time for the spring blooms, warm breezes, and PREMIUM mushroom Spores.  Here’s your news for the week.

Mushrooms Replace Styrofoam

Mushrooms to the rescue!

Who remembers when we were kids learning about the atrocity of styrofoam cups NEVER decomposing? And now that we are adults we go to Sonic because that styrofoam keeps drinks nice an coooooold? Anyways, there are products that are being packaged in mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms, in a way similar to styrofoam. Mushrooms might actually save the world.

Mushroom Coffee

New collab: Mushrooms X Coffee Beans

Mushrooms are having their spotlight right now. Which is kinda funny because mushrooms often grow in the absence of light. Step aside kale, here comes super mushroom to spruce up your….coffee? That’s right, mushroom coffee is a thing and starting to be stocked by grocery stores. To be clear, it isn’t straight mushrooms. It has coffee beans in it. But the coffee is supposed to have health benefits and if you wanna jump on the trend, you might as well declare that mushroom coffee will result in the Second Coming of Christ it’s so good.

Boosie Badazz Talks to Dog Butt-Naked

Everyone gotta have a story. (img: TrillEntCMG)

There really isn’t much to add to this article with this sort of title. Except, that psychedelic mushrooms affect everyone differently. The American rapper seems to start talking to a dog while being “butt-naked.” Not just naked. butt. naked. What’s it do to you?

Mushrooms are 2022

Mushrooms. mmmmm (img: Tomomarusan)

Forget electric cars that probably can’t be built because of all these shortages, mushrooms are one of the “top five food trends for 2022,” according to Produce Blue Book. This article provides all the reasons why in an easy-to-read fashion so you can impress your friends when they ask you why you are still wearing tye-dye.

Hey, Guess What! Magic Mushrooms help with depression

If you haven’t heard the news 1 million times in the past few months, magic mushrooms can help with depression and anxiety. This article gives the run-down we have all heard before, but has some encouraging quotes from doctoral students and professors who think that shrooms are gonna boom in a very big, very legal way soon.

See y’all next week!