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Naked Man Fights on Mushrooms

This guy was probably still trippin’ (courtesy Webster County) 

The no-good mushroom no-gooders strike again! This time, a naked 22-year-old in Providence, Kentucky was arrested for hallucinating and beating up his mom and brother, then tried to beat up police even after being tased. As we said before, it affects everyone differently. So, ya know, maybe stay away from your mom and brother next time you trip.

Leave it to the Australians

Not all Mushrooms are Made for Eating, folks!

Australians are the wild ones of this world, which isn’t surprising given their penal colony history, and that is further proven in this seemingly simple article on mushrooms popping up near Sydney. That stuff is all fine and good, but the most interesting part of the article is of a guy who decided to ingest a mushroom and ended up in the hospital. Instead of eating it like a normal person, “He first rubbed a piece of the mushroom against his skin, and licked the toadstool about 20 minutes before taking a small bite.” Then ended up in the hospital for two days. In a country with universal health care, this wasn’t that big of a deal, though, and the Australian simply said “I did a very stupid thing. We all make mistakes” and then proceeded to NOT pay tens of thousands of dollars for his dumb mistake. Good for you, Aussies.

Lion’s Mane replace Adderall?!

Forget them ADHD drugs, try mushrooms instead (img: Gwella)

If you were excited by Mark Cuban’s plan to take on big pharma, just wait to you hear mushroom’s plan. By mushroom we mean Gwella Mojo gummies that have Lion’s Mane in them. The founder of Gwella started experimenting with mushrooms to replace Adderall, the infamous ADHD drug. In this article, the writer tried the gummies to see if they have any effect. They did, though it was short lived.

10 Best Mushrooms for Eating

The Pioneer Woman is so famous even I know who she is. In this new article, she outlines the 10 Best Types of Mushrooms for Soups, Stir-Frieds and More. Totally worth a look if you are into cookin’.

Magic Mushrooms Help People

Every week, there is are many new articles about psilocybin helping people with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. We try to bring you the more interesting ones (how many times do we need to hear about some state possible legalizing it. I mean, come on). Anyways, this article goes into personal stories, legal issues, and what universities are doing to study psychedelic-assisted therapy using psilocybin, MDMA, and ketamine. It’s worth the read.

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